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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 19, 2014 11:35pm-12:38am PDT

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>> good night, everyone. >> tonight, jeremy piven, 12k oe kravitz with music from cleto and the cletones. and now, not only that, here's jimmy kimmel!
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[ applause ] >> jimmy: that's very nice. i appreciate it. any of you play the mega millions lottery this week? well, it's very popular. last night, the mega million jackpot was $414 million. the it was the sixth largest prize in u.s. history. there were two winners. one was in maryland and one was in florida. the winner in florida hasn't come forward yet, but let's face it, it's probably lebron james. can you imagine having a slip of paper worth $207 million in your house. there's no way the dog doesn't eat that, right? both tickets were purchased at convenience stores. did you know when you win more than $1 million at a convenience store, any prize above $1 million, it's customary to go back to the store and buy all the beef jerky. if you didn't win the mega millions jackpot, you will still probably get very, very rich
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from your ncaa office pool. the big college basketball tournament tips off tomorrow. as is now the tradition, president obama revealed his picks today. he has florida, arizona, louisville and michigan state in the final four with michigan state beating louisville to win it. but i would take his picks with a grain of salt. he also picked luis andersson to win "splash." year in and year out, duke is among the favorites to win. right now the focus at duke university is split between basketball and a student who pays her tuition by performing in adult films. duke freshman -- a duke freshman named miriam weeks has been quietly starring in porn movies named bell knox. it was a secret until a fellow student outed her online. now she's been doing a bunch of interviews. yesterday she sat down with fox 411. this is an online branch of fox news. where a senior editor got right to it. >> bell knox was a student at
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duke when she was outed as an aspiring porn star. knox, went on the website xo jane to explain and started a lar larger discussion about morality, hypocrisy and the skyrocketing cost of college. thanks for being here. >> hi. it's good to be here. >> so let's talk about duke first. what do you think about their three seed in the ncaa tournament? >> it's great? >> can we get back to talking about porn, please? that's the woman who will inevitably win the office pool. she really made the rounds at fox. this morning she was on "good day new york" where at least one of the anchors greg kelly definitely did his homework. >> you look at that in person, i'm a little disturbed because i feel like men who run this industry like young girls, and she looks about 14 in person. she looks like a young girl. >> we've seen some of the
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clips -- >> that upsets me even more as a parent. >> i'm an adult. i'm 18 years old. and i can make the choice to do what i want with my body. and i stand by that. >> you do look older, actually, in the clips. >> that's how greg lost his internet privileges at work. >> this is quite a story on sunday night in wilmington township, pennsylvania, there was a hit and run. but the vehicle that hit and ran wasn't a car or a truck or a motorcycle. it was a horse and buggy. they're in amish kocountry. and this buggy hit a crv, which is not really a hit and run. it's more of a tap and gallogal. the driver hasn't been identified yet. and even if he is, that's going to be make for an exceptionally confusing police lineup. one of the guys with the beard. yes, that one. hey, toronto mayor rob ford
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is -- he's had another big day today. this morning, police released detail descriptions of the video that reportedly shows him smoking crack. the report says he's appearing what appears to be holding a glass cylinder in one hand and a lighter in another hand while engaged in conversation with individuals offcamera. at one point, he lights the lighter and applies the flame to the tip of the glass in a circular motion. after several seconds, ford appears to inhale the vapor then exhale the vapor. which is how you do it. after that, they say the mayor looked at the camera that was recording him and asked if it was on. it was on. this is why it's so important if the camera is on before you smoke the crack. of course, this was embarrassing for the mayor, but what do you do to distract people from an embarrassing video? you make a more embarrassing video. reporters were trying to talk to
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the mayor. he wouldn't talk to him. they happened upon him at a hot dog truck outside city hall. i kid you not. they swarmed him. they all started asking questions and this happened. >> watch out, watch out. let's go, let's go! out of my way, please! [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]. >> mayor ford, why are you running? why are you running, mayor ford? why are you running? >> jimmy: that's the mayor! he's a one-man stampede. it's like he's the star of his own hidden camera prank reality show. that, by the way, wasn't the only running mayor ford did today. this is a vine video that a reporter from cbc news posted tonight.
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you can see -- he's exercising at city hall. i cannot get enough of this guy. i don't know about anybody else. if they don't elect him mayor again, i really want him to move out here, preferably into my home with me. or at least do a reality show. here comes mayor boo-boo. there was a major scientific finding this weekend out of harvard university. the physicists there believe they've proven the big bang theory. those of you who aren't familiar with the intricacies of the big bang theory, it's a scientific theory based on cbs television show, i think. i don't know. it's how most scientists believe the universe was created. for decades, physicists have been looking for evidence of a giant explosion that started everything. and now they think they have it. thanks to a high-powered telescope that is based at the south pole. they're calling this a world-changing discovery. i don't know. other than the new oprah chi tea
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at starbucks, to me the world feels the same. some creationists believe -- they reject the big bang theory. they think it's against the bible. but others think it supports the idea that god created the universe. what i'm wondering is what god thinks of all of this. i mean, to -- maybe i should ask him. he's listening to us at all times, right? god? god? are you there? god? >> oh, hello, james. so god, what's going on, are you okay with all of this? >> am i okay? you saw the news. the universe was cheated, created by the big bang. come on. apparently when it comes to matter, i don't matter anymore. >> jimmy: come on, god, nobody is saying you don't -- of course you matter. the way i see it, maybe you made the big bang happen in the first place. >> yeah, right. that sounds convenient. i don't know. maybe i did.
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honestly, i can't even remember. all i remember is that i separated the land from the oceans, i breathed life into dust and then i let you guys beat the soviets in hockey that one time. what else can i do? i don't know. i give up. >> jimmy: come on, stop that. you're being very hard on yourself. everyone loves you. people pray to you. and you've got a lot of great things going on right now. >> yeah? like what? >> jimmy: what do you mean like what? who did matthew mcconaughey thank in his oscar acceptance speech. >> me. i like that mcconaughey guy. >> that's right, whose name do women cry out in the heat of passion. >> well, most of the time it's me. >> jimmy: okay. who does kanye west think he is. >> kanye west thinks he's me. >> jimmy: that's right. forget about the stupid big bang theory. you're god. there's nobody above you. you're number one. >> you're right. thank you for this wonderful pep talk, jimmy. >> jimmy: well, are you didding? after all you've done for me physically, it was my pleasure.
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and god? >> yes? >> jimmy: have you given any more thought to that thing i was praying for since i was a teenager. >> jimmy, leave tiffany alone. it's not going to happen. >> jimmy: all right, fine. do you want to hang out later. >> i can't. i've got to make jesus appear on a piece of toast in argentina. it's not so easy, you know. >> jimmy: maybe tomorrow then. thank you, god. >> thank you, james. you made me feel better. but remember, i'm still god. be a good boy, jimmy. i love you. >> jimmy: i love you, too. he has a lot going on right now. i'll snap chat with him later. we need to take a break. geez, god looks like reegis, doesn't he? when we come back, we have tonight's "pedestrian question." it's about threesomes. so stick around. plus jeremy piven, zoe kravitz and music from yg are on the way. we'll be right back.
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get bacon in your burger. pork! jack's new bacon insider has a juicy beef patty with bacon mixed right into it, plus bacon strips and bacon mayo on a new gourmet brioche bun. get bacon in your burger.moooii. >> jimmy: tonight on the show, zoe kravitz is here. any of you in our audience here tonight on spring break? for many spring break is primarily about doing things you'll eventually tell your children not to do. things like beer bongs and tramp stamps and of course threesomes. threesomes are a life event that i don't know, some people are
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very proud. some people are embarrassed about them. today we went out on to hollywood boulevard. we asked, have you ever had a threesome? no, this is a tough one to figure out just by looking at somebody. what we're going to do. we're going to see a person state his or her name and where they're from. together we will try to guess if they've ever made the beast with three backs, okay? are you ready? let's begin. >> what's your name and where are you. from? >> i'm megan maloney from orange county, california. >> have you ever had a threes e threesome? >> jimmy: all the guys are yelling yes and all the women are saying no. let's find out. >> no. do i have to say anything else besides that. >> not if you have owe don't want to. >> oh, no. >> jimmy:'m pretty sure she hadn't had a onesome yet. >> i'm mike from hollywood. >> have you ever had a threes e threesome? >> no!
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>> jimmy: i think he'll be tickled to hear that. >> yeah. it's part of being in hollywood. >> jimmy: all right, who else do we have. >> my name is lindsay tanner and i'm from missouri. >> have you ever had a threesome? >> jimmy: most people are saying yes. which i wouldn't think hermitage, missouri, would be threesome country. >> yeah. yeah. >> jimmy: maybe a sixome. >> have you ever had a threesome? >> jimmy: guillermo, what do you think? >> yes. >> jimmy: what makes you say yes? >> guillermo: she looks a little wild. >> jimmy: she does? all right. >> no, but i would like to. are you doing anything tonight?
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>> i am now. >> jimmy: we haven't seen the guy with the microphone since. >> my name is terror and i am from sweden. >> have you ever had a threesome? >> jimmy: his name is terror? he's from sweden. all right. he does have cheetah spots on his head. let's find out if terror has had a threesome. >> yes. many times. >> whose idea was it? >> it was like all the -- all parts. >> jimmy: you know, his whole life is a threesome. i think there are two guys tattooed on his chest there. next up? >> my name is glen from sri lanka. >> have you ever had a threesome? >> jimmy: wow. no. almost everyone is saying no. all right, let's find out if
11:54 pm
he's ever had a threesome. >> yeah. i have. >> jimmy: he's three lankan. i believe we have one more. >> dali boy from los angeles, california. >> have you ever had a threesome? >> jimmy: oh, no, we've got a lot going on here. okay, i know maybe your initial inclination is to go yeah, a lot of makeup. probably. she's wearing a crucifix, though, so maybe not. guillermo, what you think about this? >> yeah, she look crazy. >> jimmy: let's find out if dolly boy has ever had a threesome. >> if i did i wouldn't tell. no. >> jimmy: oh. oh, interesting. his spidey sense was tingling. all right, there you go.
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from divergent, zoe kravitz is here. and we'll be right back with jeremy piven. so stick around.
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just $139 a month. >> jimmy: starting on friday, "divergent" zoe kravitz is here. she's the daughter of lennie kravitz and lisa bonet. i will say "me and my bitch" is a beautiful song. yg will be joined tonight by deejay mustard. his father was colonel mustard
12:00 am
an alleged murder frer from the board game. tomorrow night -- don cheadle will be here. tony goldwyn will be with us. enrique iglesias will sing. and we'll have a brand newest episode of our spanish-language telenovela version of scandal -- "escandalo". if you're a big fan of "entourage" but thought it would be even better if ari gold was a british department store magnate in the early 1900s, then our first guest has a show for you. the second season of "mr. selfridge" has its us premiere on pbs masterpiece classic this sunday, march 30th at 9. please welcome, jeremy piven. [ cheers and applause ]
12:01 am
>> the premier of "mr. selfridge" is coming up the week after next week. the finale is this weekend. >> just like fashion, as soon as it ends in england, it begins here. and we steal from them and celebrate them. and that is a joke that i wanted to start with and that's where i'll leave you, goodbye. thank you. thank you. >> jimmy: that show was a huge, huge hit in england. >> it really is. it's so great to have people scream, you know, harry instead of ari. it's fantastic. >> jimmy: it's slightly different. >> i'm ridiculously proud of the show. i love being over there. it's the best cast i've ever worked with in my life. >> jimmy: you like them better than the "entourage" guys. >> thank you, jimmy, for doing
12:02 am
that. >> jimmy: no problem. that's why i'm here. >> indeed you're doing a fine job. they're different. it's so -- you know, it's a period drama set in the turn of the century. and i play a guy, an american that, you know, it was voted the best store in the world last year. sol here we are -- >> jimmy: it's the greatest store. i've been to that store. >> yeah. he's kind of like willie wonka meets tom ford if that's possible. take mushrooms and imagine that. >> jimmy: i'll give everyone a minute to do that at home. is it difficult to promote a show that's on pbs? for us, pbs is -- it's ""sesame stree street". >> i finally have street cred with my mother. >> jimmy: nice. >> and the reality is i grew up watching pbs. and, you know, now they have "downton abbey" and brilliant,
12:03 am
brilliant documentaries. it's an amazing place to be. i couldn't be more proud of the show. the second season begins on march 30. and, you know, i have to go to england for seven months a year. and so, you know, i'm going into my third season over there. >> jimmy: does it feel like home to you now being there most of the year? >> it does feel like home. i had a meeting one time. and on a day off, i went for a run and i had my key in my shorts and they fell out. and so i had no way to get into my home. i climbed up the back of my house. it was a fantastic idea that i had. then i realized if i keep going there's a gooden fence i can climb on to and then jump into my window. and i'm climb on the wooden fence, i realize it's a fake wooden fence that came off in my hand. it's that interesting moment, i thought why don't you have more patience in this life?
12:04 am
i remember thinking that as the fence broke. and i had enough time to turn in the air and land so hard that the kids in the yard next door started screaming because it was up with of those thuds that -- if i took a baseball back and smacked you in the head. so i landed on my wrists and my knees on the ground. i thought i probably broke both wrist, a couple of ribs, the knees are gone. i'll be in a body cast. i can still do the show. i got up and i was okay. i couldn't get into my home. . >> you're still locked out. >> i'm in public a sweaty, bloody american mess. and i go to brunch at a stuffy british spot. and i look like the unibomber.
12:05 am
i got the job, though. >> jimmy: that was an interview you went to? wow, they do things differently there. >> i think they felt sorry for me. >> we're doing the "entourage" movie. it's unbelievable. i'm driving a red convertible ferrari as ari gold. i pull up next to liam neeson. i'm just saying things i shouldn't say. i'll never work again. i pull up next to him and i say hello to him. i notice that people are laughing. i realize that the paparazzi who are positioned in the bushes are laughing and i just realize okay, this scene is actually working because vultures who are
12:06 am
taking your picture for their own profit and gain are laughing and putting their cameras down, we're on to something. >> jimmy: they ruined the take, but had it not been ruined, it would have worked beautifulfully. >> it's been three years since we did the show. >> jimmy: i hear it's the second best cast you ever worked with. jeremy piven is here. we're going to be right back. >> portions of jimmy kimmel live are brought to you by pennzoil platinum. visit to learn more about synthetic technology born from natural gas. the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by at&t. rethink possible.
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>> we're back with jeremy piven. i notice differences between the way they make television in england and the way we make in the united states. here we keep going and going and going. and there, things have an end. >> they do. and it's interesting, when they came to me with this show, they had a finite amount of time to do it. no matter how successful it is, and it is wildly successful over there, which is very different. over here, you know, it would be charlie sheen, there would be 2,000 episodes. they would keep shooting while he sleeps.
12:13 am
it just would never end, right? everyone would get paid. but over there, it's like, how do we best tell the story? anticipate that's what i'm involved in. and, you know, pbs is putting it out here, and we went to where you go and do a q and a for the critics. we say we're going to share the q&a with sherlock. i said that's fantastic. you'll do your q&a, they'll do theirs, then we'll bring you back on stage and we'll ask the critics if they have any questions, they will ask you and sherlock questions. fantastic, love it. do my q&a. i do some other interviews and they guide me to the stage in the dark and i'm standing there. and the lights come on and they go okay, everyone. and please give your questions to sherlock. and they forgot to say mr. selfridge. i'm standing alone on the stage while hundreds of people make
12:14 am
their way to benedict cumber [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: i don't think that's his name. it's cumberslut. it's a cumberbatch. by the way, he is a brilliant actor and a true gentleman. and sherlock is genius and i'm a huge fan and he'll never speak to me again. so while they're swarming cumberslut, just three or four deep, i am alone. i am alone. and you know what, it happens. and it was so humbling and horrifying. but. >> woman noticed i was alone and she came over to me and she said, i just have one question. what was your fif rate room in the "entourage" mansion to film in.
12:15 am
what's interesting about that question is i'm actually -- i'm always in the office with lloyd. i'm not in the mansion. i'm not promoting "entourage" and i'm alone. >> jimmy: she was trying to make the best of it? i don't know. >> she was trying to make me feel good. she didn't care about me or anything. >> i'm sorry to hear that. >> you've always got england. season two of "mr. selfridge" 9:00 on cbs. we'll be right back with zoe kravitz. >> real life mario cart
12:16 am
racetrack in austin, texas. we were in austin so naturally we sent our own little super mario to test it out. >> welcome to mario cart reimagined. we've got a great race for you. for zen year seven years he's fighting crimes. roderick grjames and guiller-mario. the first with all pennzoil power-ups wins. and they're off. >> guillermo: let's go. you going down. >> whoa, cover your ears. that's some nasty trash talking going on down there. guiller-mario widening his lead with a second power-up. and running man gets run right into the wall. another power-up for
12:17 am
guiller-mario. looks like running man is out of the running. and the winner is guiller-mario. >> yeah, whew! i won! come on. pick me up! yeah! >> come on, you can do it. come on, running man, you can do it. it's okay. never mind, guys. >> pennzoil platinum, the official motor oil sponsor of south by southwest 2014. so our business can be on at&t's network for $175 a month? yup. all 5 of you for $175. our clients need a lot of attention. there's unlimited talk and text. we're working deals all day. you get 10 gigabytes of data to share. what about expansion potential? add a line, anytime, for $15 a month. low dues, great terms. let's close! new at&t mobile share value plans our best value plans ever for business.
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>> jimmy: our next guest is is a talented young actress with a notable show business pedigree. her phatter is a multiple grammy winner, her mother is a huxtable and her new movie is called "divergent." please welcome zoe kravitz.
12:23 am
you probably get tired of talking about it. for a guy my age it's very, very interesting that your mother played denise huxtable. and your dad is lenny kravitz. are you sick of that? is that something that you cared about growing up? or are you just, it's just my mother and father. >> it's a little bit of both. there's moment where is it's really cool and moments where it's like all right, we get it. >> jimmy: where were you in and your dad in this photograph? >> it looks like we're at the mtv awards. >> jimmy: i'm not much of a detective. how cute that is. do you look at your dad and go what the hell are you wearing, dad? >> at that age, the hat is a little weird. >> jimmy: did you listen to your dad's musicing growing up? >> a little. i heard it, i was around it. but i think i was trying to rebel a little bit. so i was listening to what young people -- i liked the spice girls. >> jimmy: i see. i got you.
12:24 am
>> i was season obsessed with the spice girls. >> jimmy: which one did you like best? >> well, i liked baby spice. when you're a kid and you kind of pretend to be the people -- you know, you play a game. i'm going to be this person. i always wanted to be baby spice. but in case you didn't notice, i'm black. so my friends are like you want to be scary spice, right? i was like i want to be scary spice? i don't -- >> jimmy: i had the same thing. i always wanted to be barbarino and i was forced to be horshack against my will. we had a very similar upbringing. would very famous people come to your home and do things there? and hang around with your parents? >> yes, yes. >> jimmy: did that make an impression with you? >> it was squjust weird. there was one point when i feel like i was 15 or something. my friend came in from california to visit me.
12:25 am
she walked into my room and she was like zoe, ashton kutcher is in your kitchen. and this is, like, it's like seeing leonardo dicaprio in "titanic." the trucker hat. he was everything. i was like what are you talking about? she's like ashton kutcher. i was like we don't even know,ton kutcher. why would he be there? i have pimple cream on my face. 'm wearing a t-shirt. looking ashton kutcher is clearly -- and there is he is making an omlet. there's no one else in the kitchen. i don't even if he's breaking and entering. and he was just like morning. do you want an onnly -- omelet. and we sat there before school ate omelets. >> maybe it was an episode of "punked." >> i was waiting for that to happen. >> jimmy: did anybody come to claim ashton kutcher? >> demi moore. >> jimmy: that would make sense.
12:26 am
>> that's interesting. i would imagine it would be hard to be impressed by almost anything. i remember your mom was one of the first, especially women that had piercings. you had one in your nose. i remember that being like wow, she must be wild. >> she's crazy. >> jimmy: because, you know, the cosby show. but oh, in real life. she might worship the devil for all i know. does your mother worship the devil? >> we're not supposed to talk about that. no. she has some piercings. i didn't get piercings until i was like, way older. i was a chicken. when i was 10 she threw me a piercing party. >> jimmy: what do you mean? >> i wanted to get my ears pierced. just normal. my mom is like this is exciting. we'll have a piercing party. your friends can get your ears pierced. >> jimmy: is this a thing?
12:27 am
>> it is now. >> jimmy: you guys invented it. >> my dad flew in a friend of his who is a piercer. a tattoo, bald headed crazy woman. she's amazing. and, you know, people show up to a birthday party with their 10-year-old children and there's a tattoo woman with a bald head saying i'm going to pierce your kids. and i ended up chickening out and not getting pierced. my mom and all her hippy friends getting their nipples pierced. and the parents were terrified. it was so terrifying. >> jimmy: i bet attendance was very low at your 11th birthday party. >> there was more adults there than kids. it was like there was a li, you know? it was hard to get into. >> jimmy: yeah, that is weird. that is a weird upbringing. "divergent" by all accounts is going to be the next huge series of films. your dad was in "the hunge games" until something very bad
12:28 am
happened to him in that movie. >> spoiler alert. >> jimmy: sorry. that's kind of interesting. you guys are both -- i don't want to give away too much about the movie. i'm not sure what i'm allowed to say. but you're both kind of pals with the lead person. >> yeah, it's a shoulder to cry on. we're here for support. >> jimmy: a pierced shoulder to cry on. your dad has been here a bunch of times. airstream trailers. >> jimmy: he lets you bring friends. >> yeah, he lets me bring friends. >> when he lets me out of my cage and takes me off of my leash. he lets me bring friends. >> how many people can you fit in the trailer, by the way. i. >> we have a shack down the street.
12:29 am
>> jimmy:. >> it's a shack with a q. >> jimmy: this is very exciting. what else are you work on? >> i'm shooting 5 film called good killer right now with ethan hawke. >> jimmy: it's very nice to meet you. please give my best to your folks. >> i will. >> jimmy: and maybe when you eventually have kids, don't let them have anything to do with the parties. zoe kravitz, everybody. "divergen "divergent" opens s in theatren friday. we'll be back with yg. >> the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by at@. rethink possible.
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12:31 am
>> jimmy: i'd like to thank jeremy piven, zoë kravitz, regis philbin and apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time.
12:32 am
nightline is next, but first, his album is called "my krazy life". here with a medley of songs -- yg! ♪ ♪ i said that i'ma ride for my hitta my hitta most likely i'ma die for my hitta my hitta i've been grinding outside all day with my hitta and i ain't going in unless i'm with my hittaz ♪ ♪ my hitta, my hitta my hitta, my hitta my hittaz, my hittaz my hittaz, my hittaz ♪ ♪ first thing first i love all my hitta dis rap (rap) cracking i involve my hitta you looking for some real let me call my hitta he sell it for the high i need all my [ bleep ] ♪
12:33 am
♪ some [ bleep ] smoke smoke some [ bleep ] drank drank got [ bleep ] on the block with dat glock they don't think das a [ bleep ] back up they in put your hands up. what's up. jimmy kimmel what's up hands up hands up
12:34 am
♪ he talkin like a snitch no it aint my hitta he trippin off a (off a) no that aint my hitta take a (take a) case yeah thats my hitta known ever since i was 8 yeah that's my [ bleep ] ♪ ♪ my, my first, first passed her to my hitta hit my first lick passed wit my hitta [ bleep ] them other hittaz cause i'm down for my hittaz i ride for my hittaz [ bleep ] them other hittaz ♪ ♪ i said that i'ma gonna ride for my hitta my hitta most likely i'ma gonna die for my hitta my hitta i've been grinding outside all day with my hitta and i ain't going in unless i'm with my hittaz ♪ ♪ my hitta, my hitta my hitta, my hitta my hittaz, my hittaz my hittaz, my hittaz ♪ ♪ you know i'm down with them [ bleep ] down for me
12:35 am
i've got two words for you love and loyalty it was me and my [ bleep ] trippin on a half a b when we used to get a warrant and buy everything we see ♪ ♪ me and my down [ bleep ] getting twisted [ bleep ] get the trippy knock the gravy out your biscuit just know i [ bleep ] with you the long way my [ bleep ] so when i see you out i'm like "hey my [ bleep ]"♪ ♪ by the case with my [ bleep ] drink that act right and get straight with my [ bleep ] me and my [ bleep ] ridin dirty tryin to chase dem figures who got the yolo who got the yolo don't matter, go figure ♪ ♪ i said i'ma ride for my (what's up) most likely i'ma die for my (with my finger on the [ bleep ] yeah) i've been grinding outside all day with my an i ain't going in unless i'm
12:36 am
with my hittaz ♪ ♪ my hitta, my hitta my hitta, my hitta my hittaz, my hittaz my hittaz, my hittaz ♪ ♪ ♪ who do you love who -- who do you love ♪ i just want to party ♪ i don't want to hurt nobody ♪ ♪
12:37 am
tonight on a special edition of "nightline." breaking now. what could be a major development in the search for malaysia airlines flight 370. two objects spotted off the coast of australia that investigators say could be connected to the missing plane. our own david wright is actually on board the u.s. navy plane searching the area right now. but if this is the plane, what happened to it? and how exactly did it get there? for the families of those gone missing, it's been 13 long days of questions. abc's bob woodruff is with them in kuala lumpur. >> this special edition of "nightline," breaking news, the latest on fl


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